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Seasonal variations in diversity and abundance of the surface ichthyoplankton in the northern South China Sea
Received:September 05, 2013  Revised:July 07, 2014
Key words:species composition, abundance, larval fish, Carangidae, South China Sea
中文关键词:  种类组成,丰度,鱼类浮游生物,南海
Author NameAffiliationAddress
LI Kaizhi* South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences 510301
LIN Zhaojin South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences 
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      The objective of this study was to investigate the seasonal variations of ichthyoplankton diversity and abundance in the northern South China Sea based on the data collected from the surveyed periods of summer, winter and spring. In total, 95 taxa of larval fishes were identified. The greatest number of species was recorded in spring, followed by summer and winter. The distribution of species richness was assemblaged mainly in the coastal waters from the east Leizhou Peninsula to the southeast Hainan Island in summer and spring, but in the offshore waters during winter. The abundance of larval fish was lowest in winter, increased in spring, reached the maximum in summer. High abundance of larval fish were generally restricted to coastal waters with the isobaths <50m. Seasonal variations of larval fish richness, abundance and diversity index were significant (P<0.001). Carangidae was the most common and abundant taxon in summer and winter, while Sardinella sp., Thrissa mystax and Leiognathus sp. were dominant in spring. High diversity and abundance of larval fish might be attributed to the increased temperature and coastal upwelling in spring and summer.
      本文分析了南海西北部陆架区上层鱼类浮游生物的种类、数量的时空分布以及环境特征对其影响。共鉴定95种,春季种数高于夏季和冬季,春夏季在近岸种类多,而冬季外海种类较多。冬季浮游生物的密度最低,到春季升高,夏季最高。春夏季Decapterus maruadsi和Stolephorus sp.的密度较高,而冬季Bregmaceros sp.密度高。西南和东北季风引起海流和水团的变化是影响该海域鱼类浮游生物季风变化的主要原因。
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