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Use of QSAR and SSD methods on deriving predicted no-effect concentrations in seawater and sediment for 10 individual parent- and alkyl-PAHs and a case study on the assessment of their ecological risks from Dalian Bay, China 待定
Molecular cloning, expression pattern and phylogenetic analysis of Guanine nucleotide exchange factor Vav2 in lamprey, Lampetra japonica 待定
Comparison of summer chlorophyll-a concentrations variability in the South China Sea and the Arabian Sea using remote sensing data 待定
Impact of observational MJO forcing on ENSO predictability in the Zebiak-Cane model. Part I: Effect on the maximum prediction error 2015年第5期 
Contrasting dynamic characteristics of shear turbulence and Langmuir circulation in the surface mixed layer 2015年第5期 
Assessment of extractable tidal energy considering the wake effect from tidal energy turbine 2015年第5期 
The biogeomorphologic effect of forest edge on the sediment transportation and carbon accumulation along the mangrove coast of Leizhou Peninsula, southern China 2015年第2期 
Wave effects on the retrieved wind field from the ASCAT scatterometer 2015年第1期 
Energy budget under the influence of topography in the Pearl River Estuary, China 2015年第1期 
The Study of the Bottom Friction and Breaking Coefficient for Typhoon Wave in South Radial Sand Ridges 2015年第3期 
Wave height measurement in the Taiwan Strait with the portable high frequency surface wave radar OSMAR-S 2015年第1期 
Features and dynamic mechanisms of Cenozoic tectonic migration and its impact on hydrocarbon accumulation in the northern South China Sea 2015年第1期 
Carbon and nitrogen isotopes analysis and sources of organic matter in surface sediments from Sanggou Bay and its adjacent areas, China 2014年第12期 
Amphipods fail to suppress the accumulation of Ulva lactuca biomass in eutrophic Yundang Lagoon 2014年第12期 
Cloning, characterization and expression analysis of a novel member of proteasomal subunits gene in turbot, Scophthalmus maximus 2015年第1期 
Seasonal variations in diversity and abundance of the surface ichthyoplankton in the northern South China Sea 2014年第12期 
“Spatial and temporal variability of mesozooplankton abundance and biomass estimates in the mangrove creek area along the Karachi coast. Pakistan”. 2014年第12期 
Upper ocean response to typhoon Bolaven analyzed with Argo profiling floats 2014年第11期 
Study on seasonal characteristics of water massesin the western East China Sea shelf area 2014年第11期