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Ranking of the papers with high impact

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Article NO.TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.Number of DownloadCopy
20140901 Ventilation of the Sulu Sea retrieved from historical data LI Li and GAN Zijun 2014,33(9):1-11 5019
2015012 2015年第1期整期打包下载 2015,34(1):0-0 4949
20150307 Factors affecting spring bloom in the South of Cheju Island in the East China Sea FU Dongyang, HUANG Zhaojun, ZHANG Yuanzhi, PAN Delu, DING Youzhua, LIU Dazhao, ZHANG Ying, MAO Zhihua and CHEN Jianfang 2015,34(3):51-58 4681
20141201 An evaluation of the simulations of the Arctic Intermediate Water in climate models and reanalyses LI Xiang,SU Jie and ZHAO Jinping 2014,33(12):1-14 4335
20141000 2014年第10期整期打包下载 2014,33(10):0-0 4245
20140201 Transcriptome sequencing of essential marine brown and red algal species in China and its significance in algal biology and phylogeny WU Shuangxiu,SUN Jing,CHI Shan,WANG Liang,WANG Xumin,LIU Cui,LI Xingang,YIN Jinlong,LIU Tao and YU Jun 2014,33(2):1-12 3676
20140117 Interaction between Chlorella vulgaris and bacteria:interference and resource competition QU Liang,WANG Renjun,ZHAO Peng,CHEN Ruinan,ZHOUWenli,TANG Liuqing and TANG Xuexi 2014,33(1):135-140 3361
20150605 Insights into the coupling of upper ocean-benthic carbon dynamics in the western Arctic Ocean from an isotopic (13C, 234Th) perspective ZHANG Run, CHEN Min, MA Qiang, CAO Jianping and QIU Yusheng 2015,34(6):26-33 3265
20140407 16S rRNA is a better choice than COI for DNA barcoding hydrozoans in the coastal waters of China ZHENG Lianming, HE Jinru, LIN Yuanshao, CAO Wenqing and ZHANG Wenjing 2014,33(4):55-76 3146
20150305 Sea level rise projection in the South China Sea from CMIP5 models HUANG Chuanjiang and QIAO Fangli 2015,34(3):31-41 3044
20131104 First six months quality assessment of HY-2A SCAT wind products using in situ measurements WANG He,ZHU Jianhua,LIN Mingsen,HUANG Xiaoqi,ZHAO Yili,CHEN Chuntao,ZHANG Youguang and PENG Hailong 2013,32(11):27-33 2974
20170210 Transcriptome analysis of the Antarctic psychrotrophic bacterium Psychrobacter sp. G in response to temperature stress WANG Zhen, LI Yang and LIN Xuezheng 2017,36(2):78-87 2959
20131107 Discrete elementmodeling of ice loads on ship hulls in broken ice fields JI Shunying,LI Zilin,LI Chunhua and SHANG Jie 2013,32(11):50-58 2934
20150502 Seasonal variability of the Kuroshio Current at the PN Section in the East China Sea based on in-situ observation from 1987 to 2010 WEI Yanzhou, PEI Yuhua and ZHANG Rong-Hua 2015,34(5):12-21 2866
20151203 Simulation of the extreme waves generated by typhoon Bolaven (1215) in the East China Sea and Yellow Sea JUN Ki Cheon, JEONG Weon Mu, CHOI Jin Yong, PARK Kwang Soon, JUNG Kyung Tae, KIM Mee Kyung, CHAE Jang Won and QIAO Fangli 2015,34(12):19-28 2694
20141207 Pourbaix diagrams to decipher precipitation conditions of Si-Fe- Mn-oxyhydroxides at the PACMANUS hydrothermal field YANG Baoju,ZENG Zhigang,WANG Xiaoyuan,YIN Xuebo and CHEN Shuai 2014,33(12):58-66 2501
20130804 Sand wave deposition in the Taiwan Shoal of China HU Yi,CHEN Jian,XU Jiang,WANG Liming,LI Haidong and LIU Huaishan 2013,32(8):26-34 2432
20141220 Micro-phytoplankton distribution and biomass in and around a channel-based fish farm: implications for sustainable aquaculture SADALLY S. B,NAZURALLY N,TALEB-HOSSENKHAN N and BHAGOOLI R 2014,33(12):180-191 2340
20140204 Analysis of Saccharina japonica transcriptome using the high-throughput DNA sequencing technique and its vanadium-dependent haloperoxidase gene LIANG Xiayuan,WANG Xumin,CHI Shan,WU Shuangxiu,SUN Jing,LIU Cui,CHEN Shengping,YU Jun and LIU Tao 2014,33(2):27-36 2332
20180600 2018, Vol. 37, No. 6 Package 2018,37(6):0-0 2181