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 Title:Highly Precise Re-Os Dating of Molybdenite by ICP-MS with Carius Tube Sample Digestion
    Citation frequency:(176)    Author:屈文俊,杜安道    Year period:2003 Year Article 4 Period    Pages:254——257262
 Title:Precise Re-Os Dating for Molybdenite by ID-NTIMS with Carius Tube Sample Preparation
    Citation frequency:(175)    Author:DU An dao,ZHAO Dun min,WANG Shu xian,SUN De zhong,LIU Dun yi    Year period:2001 Year Article 4 Period    Pages:247——252
 Title:Study on Characteristics of Heavy Metal Species in the Soils Near the Tailings
    Citation frequency:(44)    Author:WANG Ya ping,BAO Zheng yu,HOU Shu en    Year period:2000 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:7——13
 Title:Determination of the Noble Gas Isotopic Composition in Rocks and Minerals by Mass Spectrometry
    Citation frequency:(44)    Author:YE Xian ren,WU Mao bing,SUN Ming liang    Year period:2001 Year Article 3 Period    Pages:174——178
 Title:A Review on the Development of Re-Os Isotopic Dating Methods and Techniques
    Citation frequency:(39)    Author:DU An-dao,QU Wen-jun,LI Chao,YANG Gang    Year period:2009 Year Article 3 Period    Pages:288——304
 Title:Determination of Heavy Metal Contents in the Sediments from Taihu Lake and Its Environmental Significance
    Citation frequency:(38)    Author:ZHANG Yu ping,QU Wen chuan    Year period:2001 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:34——36
 Title:Fast Determination of Platinum Group Elements and Gold in Geological Samples by ICP MS
    Citation frequency:(37)    Author:QI Liang,HU Jing    Year period:1999 Year Article 4 Period    Pages:267——270
 Title:Re-Os Isotopic Dating of Molybdenite in Skarn from the Jiama Copper-Polymetallic Deposit of Tibet and Its Metallogenic Significance
    Citation frequency:(35)    Author:YING Li-juan,TANG Ju-xing,WANG Deng-hong,CHANG Zhe-sheng,QU Wen-jun,ZHENG Wen-bao    Year period:2009 Year Article 3 Period    Pages:265——268
 Title:Avoidance of Systematic Bias of SHRIMP Zircon U-Pb Dating:Necessity of Staged Calibrations
    Citation frequency:(32)    Author:SONG Biao,ZHANG Shuan-hong,WANG Yah-bin,ZHAO Yue    Year period:2006 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:9——14
    Citation frequency:(30)    Author:孙亚莉,管希云    Year period:1997 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:12——17
 Title:Advances in Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry
    Citation frequency:(27)    Author:Li Bing,Yin Ming    Year period:1995 Year Article 4 Period    Pages:254——273
 Title:Chromatographic Separation of Cu, Fe and Zn using AG MP-1 Anion Exchange Resin for Isotope Determination by MC-ICPMS
    Citation frequency:(26)    Author:TANG Suo-han,ZHU Xiang-kun,CAI Jun-jun,LI Shi-zhen,HE Xue-xian,WANG Jin-hui    Year period:2006 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:5——8
 Title:Determination of Platinum Group Elements and Gold in Geochemical ExplorationSamples by Nickel Sulfide Fire Assay-ICPMS
    Citation frequency:(26)    Author:吕彩芬,张勤等    Year period:2002 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:7——11
 Title:Phosphorous Species and Their Distribution Characters in Sediments of Miyun Reservoir
    Citation frequency:(26)    Author:LIU Liu,LIU Xiao duan,XU Qing,GE Xiao li,WANG Ying hua    Year period:2003 Year Article 2 Period    Pages:81——85
 Title:Comprehensive Study on Extraction of Rhenium with Acetone in Re-Os Isotopic Dating
    Citation frequency:(26)    Author:LI Chao,QU Wen-jun,DU An-dao,SUN Wen-jing    Year period:2009 Year Article 3 Period    Pages:233——238
 Title:Determination of 25 Major, Minor and Trace Elements in Geochemical Exploration Samples by X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
    Citation frequency:(25)    Author:ZHANG Qin,FAN Shou-zhong,PAN Yan-shan,LI Guo-hui    Year period:2004 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:19——24
 Title:Mineralogical Properties of Various Bentonites in China
    Citation frequency:(24)    Author:HOU Mei fang,MA Bei yan,WAN Hong fu,ZHOU Guo yi    Year period:2002 Year Article 3 Period    Pages:190——194
 Title:Rock forming and Ore forming Ages of the Yaogangxian Tungsten Deposit of Hunan Province
    Citation frequency:(23)    Author:WANG Deng-hong,LI Hua-qin,QIN Yan,MEI Yu-ping,CHEN Zheng-hui,QV Wen-jun,WANG Yan-bin,CAI Hong,GONG Shu-qing,HE Xiao-ping    Year period:2009 Year Article 3 Period    Pages:201——208
 Title:Trace Element Determination in Teas and Discrimination Analysis for Teas
    Citation frequency:(23)    Author:KANG Hai-ning,YANG Miao-feng,CHEN Bo,HAN Chao,WANG Ling,WANG Xiao-ru    Year period:2006 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:22——26
 Title:Study on Characteristics of Selenium Geochemical Speciation in Soil in Zhangjiakou Keshan Disease Area
    Citation frequency:(22)    Author:GE Xiao-li,LI Jia-xi,WAN Guo-jiang,ZHANG Guang-di,Zhang Zhong    Year period:2000 Year Article 4 Period    Pages:254——258
 Title:Determination of Platinum Group Elements and Gold in Geochem ical ExplorationSamples by Nickel Sulphide Fire Assay-ICPMS
    Citation frequency:(22)    Author:HE Hong liao,LU Cai fen,ZHOU Zhao ru,SHI Shi yun,LI Bing    Year period:2001 Year Article 3 Period    Pages:191——194
 Title:Trace Elemental Speciation in Environmental SamplesⅠ. Analytical Techniques Applied in Chemical Speciation
    Citation frequency:(21)    Author:HE Hong-liao,LI Bing,YANG Hong-xia,NI Zhe-ming    Year period:2005 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:51——58
 Title:Determination of Silver, Boron, Tin, Molybdenum and Lead in Geochemical Exploration Samples by Emission Spectrometry
    Citation frequency:(21)    Author:ZHANG Xue-mei,ZHANG Qin    Year period:2006 Year Article 4 Period    Pages:323——326
 Title:Spectraphotometric Determination of Copper in Copper Ores with 1-(2,6-dibromo-4-nitrophenyl)-3-(4-nitrophenyl)-Triazene
    Citation frequency:(21)    Author:WANG Zhi min,YANG Ming hu,SHEN Su mei,ZHENG Yun fa    Year period:2002 Year Article 2 Period    Pages:158——160
 Title:Re-Os Isotopic Dating of Molybdenite from the Daheishan Molybdenum Deposit of Jilin Province and Its Geological Significance
    Citation frequency:(20)    Author:WANG Cheng-hui,SONG Quan-heng,WANG Deng-hong,LI Li-xing,YU Cheng,WANG Zhi-gang,QU Wen-jun,DU An-dao,YING Li-juan    Year period:2009 Year Article 3 Period    Pages:269——273
 Title:The Re-Os Isotopic Dating of Molybdenite from the Dasuji Molybdenum Deposit in Zhuozi County of Inner Mongolia and Its Geological Significance
    Citation frequency:(20)    Author:ZHANG Tong,CHEN Zhi-yong,XU Li-quan,CHEN Zheng-hui    Year period:2009 Year Article 3 Period    Pages:279——282
 Title:A Review of the Study on Adsorption and Migration of Cadmium and Mercury in Soils
    Citation frequency:(20)    Author:王亚平,潘小菲岑况刘素芳,韩志文    Year period:2003 Year Article 4 Period    Pages:277——283
 Title:Simultaneous Determination of U Pb Ages and Trace Elements in Single Zircon by Using LAM ICPMS
    Citation frequency:(19)    Author:LIANG Xi rong,LI Xian hu,LIU Yong kang,LIU Ying,WANG Gan lin    Year period:1999 Year Article 4 Period    Pages:253——258
 Title:Identification of Major Particle Classes in Guangzhou Aerosol by Scanning Electron Microscopy
    Citation frequency:(19)    Author:DONG Shu ping,LIU Tao,SUN Da yong,QI Hui,DUAN Feng kui,WU Qing zhu,LIU Xian de,F.Adams    Year period:2001 Year Article 3 Period    Pages:202——207
 Title:Direct Determination of Gold,Platinum,Palladium in Geochemical Samples by ICP-MS
    Citation frequency:(19)    Author:HUANG Zhen yu,ZHANG Qin,HU Ke,WU Jian ling    Year period:2001 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:15——19
 Title:Research on Speciation Analysis of Chemical Elements in Soil Samples for Ecosystem Geochemistry Study
    Citation frequency:(19)    Author:Liu WenChang;Ma Ling;Liu HongQing;Pan TongYing;Xu HouLing    Year period:2005 Year Article 3 Period    Pages:181——188
 Title:Study on Surface Modification of Wollastonite
    Citation frequency:(18)    Author:CHI Bo,SHEN Shang yue,LI Zhen,HUANG Fu chun    Year period:2001 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:57——59,64
 Title:Rapid Separation of Osmium by Direct Distillation with Carius Tube
    Citation frequency:(18)    Author:LI Chao,QU Wen jun,ZHOU Li min and DU An dao    Year period:2010 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:14——16
 Title:Separation and Preconcentration of Gold,Platinum and Palladium in Geological Samples with DT-1016 Anion Exchange Resin
    Citation frequency:(17)    Author:GAN Shu cai,LAI Ya wen,DUAN Tai cheng,CAO Shu qin,GUO Jin yong,ZHAO Bing nan    Year period:2002 Year Article 2 Period    Pages:113——116
 Title:Determination of Micro-amount of Elements in Plant Samples by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry with Microwave Digestion
    Citation frequency:(17)    Author:LI Gang,GAO Ming yuan and ZHU Kun    Year period:2010 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:17——22
    Citation frequency:(17)    Author:徐克勤,孙鼐,王德滋,刘昌实,陈克荣    Year period:1982 Year Article 2 Period    Pages:1——12
 Title:Process Mineralogy Analysis of Copper-zinc Sulfide Ore from the Simao Region, Yunnan Province
    Citation frequency:(17)    Author:XIE Hai-yun,YE Qun-Jie,ZHOU Ping,GAO Li-kun,ZHUANG Gu-zhang and TONG Xiong    Year period:2014 Year Article 3 Period    Pages:345——352
 Title:Characterization of Pore Structures of Jiulaodong Formation Shale in the Sichuan Basin by SEM with Ar-ion Milling
    Citation frequency:(17)    Author:WANG Yu,JIN Chan,WANG Li-hu,WANG Jian-qiang,JIANG Zheng,WANG Yan-fei and PU Jie    Year period:2015 Year Article 3 Period    Pages:278——285
 Title:Determination of Rare Earth Elements in Rock Samples by ICP-MS Using Microwave Digestion
    Citation frequency:(17)    Author:MA Ying-jun,LIU Cong-qiang,QI Liang,HUANG Rong-gui,PENG Jian-hua    Year period:1999 Year Article 3 Period    Pages:189——192
 Title:Determination of Ultra-trace Gold in Geochemical Exploration Samples by GFAAS after Preconcentration with Polyurethane Foam
    Citation frequency:(17)    Author:孙晓玲,于照水等    Year period:2002 Year Article 4 Period    Pages:266——270
 Title:Development of X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry in the 30 Years
    Citation frequency:(16)    Author:JI Ang    Year period:2012 Year Article 3 Period    Pages:383——398
 Title:The Geochemical Characteristics of Water Body in Miyun Reservoir
    Citation frequency:(16)    Author:葛晓立刘晓端,潘小川李奇,罗松光    Year period:2003 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:44——48
 Title:The Development of Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry
    Citation frequency:(16)    Author:YANG Xiang,JIN Ze xiang    Year period:2000 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:32——41
 Title:Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Groundwater Samples by Purge and Trap-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
    Citation frequency:(16)    Author:HUANG Yi and RAO Zhu    Year period:2009 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:15——20
 Title:Th-U-TPb Chemical Dating of Monazite by Electron Probe
    Citation frequency:(16)    Author:周剑雄,陈振宇等    Year period:2002 Year Article 4 Period    Pages:241——246
 Title:Determination of Trace Br, Cl and S in Rock, Soil and Sediment Samples by X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
    Citation frequency:(16)    Author:ZHAN Xiu chun,CHEN Yong jun,ZHENG Miao zi,WANG Jian,LI Ying chun,LI Bing,ZHANG Qin    Year period:2002 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:12——18
 Title:Rapid and Precise Measurement for 143Nd/144Nd Isotopic Ratios Using a Multi-Collector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer
    Citation frequency:(15)    Author:梁细荣,韦刚健,李献华,刘颖    Year period:2002 Year Article 4 Period    Pages:247——251
 Title:Synthesis of 2-(2-imidazolylazo)-benzoic Acid and Its Color Reaction with Cobalt
    Citation frequency:(15)    Author:Pan Fuyou,Ge Changhu,Liang Huading    Year period:1998 Year Article 4 Period    Pages:271——274
 Title:Determination of Boron, Arsenic and Sulfur in Geological Samples by Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry with Sample Treatment by Pressurized Decomposition
    Citation frequency:(15)    Author:李冰马新荣,杨红霞何红蓼    Year period:2003 Year Article 4 Period    Pages:241——247
 Title:Evaluation of Heavy Metal Pollution in Soils from Nanjing Qixiashang Lead-Zinc Mines
    Citation frequency:(15)    Author:CHU Bin bin and LUO Li qiang    Year period:2010 Year Article 1 Period    Pages:5——8