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Volume 37,Issue 9,2018 Table of Contents

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2018, Vol. 37, No. 9 Content
  2018,37(9):0 [Abstract(126)]  [View PDF 82.93 K (258)]
2018, Vol. 37, No. 9 Cover
  2018,37(9):0 [Abstract(79)]  [View PDF 2.17 M (122)]
2018, Vol. 37, No. 9 Package
  2018,37(9):0 [Abstract(99)]  [View PDF 21.10 M (154)]

Physical Oceanography, Marine Meteorology and Marine Physics

The cruise observation of turbulent mixing in the upwelling region east of Hainan Island in the summer of 2012
  LI Mingming, XIE Lingling, ZONG Xiaolong, ZHANG Shuwen, ZHOU Lei and LI Junyi
  2018,37(9):1-12 [Abstract(173)]  [View PDF 2.03 M (289)]
The observed tidal and residual currents in the Andaman Sea during the second half of 2016
  LIU Yanliang, GUO Jingsong, WANG Huiwu, XUE Yuhuan, KHOKIATTIWONG Somkiat and YU Weidong
  2018,37(9):13-21 [Abstract(155)]  [View PDF 1004.08 K (307)]
Relationship between a function of the northward pressure gradient and the Pacific Equatorial Undercurrent
  CHEN Xuan, ZHENG Chongwei, WU Hui, YOU Xiaobao, LI Xunqiang and WANG Huipeng
  2018,37(9):22-28 [Abstract(167)]  [View PDF 868.75 K (189)]
A numerical study on the effect of tidal flat's slope on tidal dynamics in the Xiangshan Bay, China
  LI Li, YE Taoyan, HE Zhiguo and XIA Yuezhang
  2018,37(9):29-40 [Abstract(128)]  [View PDF 1.07 M (187)]
A new global gridded sea surface temperature product constructed from infrared and microwave radiometer data using the optimum interpolation method
  SUN Weifu, WANG Jin, ZHANG Jie, MA Yi, MENG Junmin, YANG Lei and MIAO Junwei
  2018,37(9):41-49 [Abstract(241)]  [View PDF 580.76 K (194)]
An evaluation of sea surface height assimilation using along-track and gridded products based on the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) and the four-dimensional variational data assimilation
  ZHOU Chaojie, DING Xiaohua, ZHANG Jie, YANG Jungang and MA Qiang
  2018,37(9):50-58 [Abstract(117)]  [View PDF 7.46 M (146)]

Marine Geology

Paleoenvironmental implications of the calcium isotope characteristics in the MD81349 from the Nintyeast Ridge in the Indian Ocean
  WANG Feng, FANG Nianqiao, HU Chaoyong, GOLDSMITH Sarah, XU Yonghang, DING Xuan, WANG Aijun, CHEN Ping and BAO Rui
  2018,37(9):59-66 [Abstract(110)]  [View PDF 547.45 K (185)]
Smectite formation in metalliferous sediments near the East Pacific Rise at 13°N
  RONG Kunbo, ZENG Zhigang, YIN Xuebo, CHEN Shuai, WANG Xiaoyuan, QI Haiyan and MA Yao
  2018,37(9):67-81 [Abstract(122)]  [View PDF 8.29 M (133)]
A numerical study for boundary layer current and sheet flow transport induced by a skewed asymmetric wave
  CHEN Xin, ZHANG Zichao and WANG Fujun
  2018,37(9):82-89 [Abstract(112)]  [View PDF 780.48 K (143)]

Ocean Engineering

Numerical modelling of nonlinear extreme waves in presence of wind
  NING Dezhi, DU Jun, BAI Wei, ZHANG Chongwei and TENG Bin
  2018,37(9):90-98 [Abstract(116)]  [View PDF 877.39 K (172)]

Marine Technology

A novel ocean bathymetry technology based on an unmanned surface vehicle
  JIN Jiucai, ZHANG Jie, SHAO Feng, LYU Zhichao and WANG Dong
  2018,37(9):99-106 [Abstract(149)]  [View PDF 847.57 K (189)]
Recent satellite-derived sea ice volume flux through the Fram Strait:2011-2015
  BI Haibo, WANG Yunhe, ZHANG Wenfeng, ZHANG Zehua, LIANG Yu, ZHANG Yi, HU Wenmin, FU Min and HUANG Haijun
  2018,37(9):107-115 [Abstract(119)]  [View PDF 684.32 K (147)]

News and Views

A new type of internal solitary waves with a re-appearance period of 23 h observed in the South China Sea
  CHEN Liang, ZHENG Quanan, XIONG Xuejun, YUAN Yeli and XIE Huarong
  2018,37(9):116-118 [Abstract(146)]  [View PDF 227.70 K (168)]